Vote Like Your Life & Our Democracy Depend on It…Because They Do

Oh, what a night.

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote in 2016…

We need leaders equal to this moment.

This can’t be another woulda, coulda, shoulda election.

Remember when the current occupant of the oval office quipped in 2016, “What do you have to lose?”

Now we know:

Our health care.

Our jobs.

Our loved ones.

Our leadership in the world and even our post office.

And to paraphrase President Obama…

We need to make sure the tenets of our democracy endure, because that’s what’s at stake now: Our democracy.

Right now, our worst impulses have been unleashed. Our standing around the world is diminished.

Democracy was never meant to be transactional. It requires an active and involved citizenry.

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris care deeply about our country and our democracy. They believe that, in a democracy, the right to vote is sacred and we should be making it easier to cast a ballot, not harder. They believe that no one, including the president, is above the law — and no one, including the president, should use the power of the office to enrich himself or others. They know differing political views aren’t treasonous. They know the press isn’t the enemy.

None of this should be controversial. These are, after all, American principles. But the current president and his enablers have shown they don’t believe in these things.

As President Obama so sagely put it: What we do echoes through generations.

Let’s make the echo we create now count.

Because character matters.

Integrity matters.

Intelligence matters.

Empathy matters.

A keen understanding of history and what this country stands for matters.

Respect for people regardless of race, birthplace, religion, or sexual identity matters.

Respect for science matters.

Respect for foreign relationships matters.

Respect for the environment matters.

Having a president who thinks and acts in the best interest of all of us matters.

We had a chance in 2016 to have all of this, and the fact that we’ve gone without a hint of any of it has been heartbreaking. Bewildering. And infuriating. It’s beyond upsetting to see how far this country has fallen, and how vertiginous that plummet has been. More than 170,000 Americans are dead because Trump didn’t want to acknowledge the coronavirus because he thought it would hamper his re-election effort. He and his enablers downplayed a deadly virus that has killed more than 170,000 Americans, sickened 5.5 million, and brought a healthcare system and economy to its knees. And there’s no national plan to improve the situation. He’s put children in cages and kept them there. He’s separated families. He’s lied. He’s spread deadly disinformation. He’s embraced insane conspiracy theories. He’s attacked our free press. He’s politicized the military for his own purpose. He’s tear-gassed peaceful protesters. He’s destroyed long-held democratic principles that this country was founded on. He’s trampled treaties that would keep the world safer. He’s gutted environmental protections and laws that ensure our air and water are clean. He’s done everything he could to enrich himself, his tacky real estate empire, and his wealthy friends. He’s stood up for white supremacists. He’s thumbed his nose at integrity, at anything smacking of morality. He’s made immigrants out to be villains, thereby promoting xenophobia and racism. He’s sanctioned religious bigotry. What’s alarming is that and all of that? It’s merely a partial list of stomach-turning disgraces perpetrated by the current occupant of the oval office. He’s normalized hate and ugliness…never embracing our country’s colorful mosaic and seeing it for what it is: our strength. It’s little wonder that the world has turned its back on us. Our allies see this dissembling despot and his sputtering vitriol for what it is: shameful, untrustworthy, and, most importantly, not what America is all about.

Some of us back in 2016 knew this would happen. There were warnings a plenty. And yet, here we are.

Now, we face the most crucial election in our country’s modern history.

As President Obama said last night, we have 76 days…Let’s get to work so we leave no doubt what this country stands for. Let’s return our nation to sound footing. Let’s build back stronger.❤️

And to be clear, everyone is invited to help. Lots of people were sold a bill of goods years ago — anyone who yearns for something better, who wants this country to live up to its sterling ideal, you’re more than welcome under this big umbrella that’s the Democratic party. Maybe it’s just for an election–that’s okay. Lots of republicans are adding their voices to this effort to right our country’s course because they’ve realized what’s happened — they see the horrors that have unfolded, and are stricken at how our democratic norms have been tattered. Whether you’re a democrat or a republican, what’s facing us is an American crisis. And the democratic party welcomes a entire spectrum of voices and beliefs to help our nation stand tall again, because everyone matters…and there’s always room for more.

What’s important is that we elect a president who has not only our best interests at heart, but our democracy’s as well. Because this self-governing republic we’ve got? As the famous quote goes, it’s only ours if we can keep it. And among the many horrors the current occupant in the oval office has proven? One that looms frighteningly large is that he doesn’t care a whit about our democracy — or the rest of us. He only cares about himself and enriching himself, no matter the cost. He’s denigrated our nation at every turn and hobbled our ideals while elevating a twisted, craven ethos, while whipping up the most base instincts of a populace, while normalizing hate as a calling card. Enough. We’re better than that. Let’s show the world who we really are and let’s vote this unhinged, terrifying man out of the office that he never, ever deserved…or came even close to living up to.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, winner of the popular vote in the 2016 election. A trailblazer.
Character, integrity, intelligence and empathy matter.
I miss having a president who speaks to our better angels, who is intelligent and curious, whose moral compass is steadfast, who has integrity to lead. President Obama, remains, as ever, the best of us.