Is This Thing On?

I know, another blog…exactly what the world needs. I was told by a prescient man years ago–years, mind you–to start blogging. Today, I’m finally getting around to it. What can I say? An early adopter I’m not.

Anyhoo, thought I’d use this inaugural posting to discuss, what else, but the Utter Awesomeness That Is LeBron James And The Cleveland Cavaliers. For those of you otherwise engaged in watching Dancing with the Stars last night (and really, why?), you missed King James leading the Cavs to a victorious sweep of the Atlanta Hawks. Granted, the game would never be described as their best. Not by a long shot. There were bouts of outright sloppy offense, but the Cavs kept digging in and fighting and that’s what made the game great. It’s a good metaphor for Cleveland, come to think of it…economic times being what they are and all.

Speaking of Cleveland, I’m running a half marathon there next weekend (not the full, mind you, the half). I should have run more/worked out more/stretched more/eaten fewer chocolate chips in preparation for the Big Run. However, as the days have slipped by and the race date has neared, I’ve come to fully embrace the theory that resting as much before the big race is the best approach. I’m on week three of rest.

My sister, on the other hand, is running regularly, mapping out the miles she’s racking up on her GPS-enabled super computer. Basically, preparing for the race like any sane runner should. (Note: There is really no such thing as a “sane runner”—just ask any runner.)

I don’t know why I’m so blasé about the race. Actually, I’m not blasé about the race, just the prep. I’m really excited for the actual race: It’s going to be a good time, it’s a great course (my sister and I ran it last year in the pouring rain and it was still frackin awesome) and it’s in our hometown. She comes in from Chicago, I come in from New York, we pack about eight day’s worth of carbo-loading into a 24-hour period and then we go out for a 13.1-mile jog. Afterwards, we get massages. In other words, it’s a perfect couple of days. So why haven’t I prepared more? Maybe because after running two marathons and countless long runs in preparation for said marathons, the half marathon (which is shorter than many of the long runs you do before a marathon) feels more manageable. More fun. Less serious and stressful than the full. And that’s what the half is: fun. Then again, that’s coming from a runner, so consider the source.

One thought on “Is This Thing On?

  1. Explains why my sister is a runner now. She fits the “not sane” part, lol. I love that you started this blog. And yes, it will be fun!

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