All Hail the Boob Tube

If you’re like me, you’re eagerly anticipating the return of Mad Men, one of the best shows on t.v. What is going to happen to Don and Betty? Will he return home? Will she crumble like a dry cookie again and return to her housecoat-wearing, a.m. wine-drinking, chain smoking ways? Will Salvatore ever emerge from the closet? Will Joan find happiness? What will happen with Peggy? With Peggy and Pete? So many questions, so many cocktails—and it’s not even 9 a.m.

And then there’s that bit of Miami spy fabulousness that is Burn Notice. Michael! Fiona! Their friend with the enormous chin! I can’t wait for their return….christ, I watch too much t.v.

2 thoughts on “All Hail the Boob Tube

  1. There is nothing wrong with the housecoat-wearing, a.m. wine-drinking set! I need to have something to set my sites on. I need to have dreams too.

  2. My name is Michael Westin, and I'm a spy. [ring, ring] “We've got a burn notice on you, you're black listed.”

    Whoaaaa. “When you're burned, you've got nothing, no cash, no credit, no job history. . . .”

    Burn notice, best show on TV!!!

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