Cleanliness is Not Next to Me

I’m coming off of a four-day stretch of daily showers. This is, I realize, not exactly something any adult should be sharing. With anyone. And I made a promise to myself that I would never, ever write about such matters on, of all things, a blog. But this isn’t about my personal hygiene achievements, remarkable as they are, it’s about writing.

Leaving a full-time job for a more flexible stay-at-home schedule of freelancing in order to finish a book can affect your daily routine. Work clothes, for example, are optional. Heels: optional. And the longer you keep this alternative-work schedule, showers too become optional.

It’s a slippery slope though. Soon enough, you’re lounging around in a tank and a pair of well-worn pants that have a goodly amount of elastic (or, at least they used to). You start to forego the daily showers, perhaps the combing of hair. If you have a dog, maybe you throw on a pair of cargo pants when you take him out for a walk then change back into your comfy pants to write. This gradually starts to typify a good writing day. The words are flowing, the pages are piling up, everything is clicking. But you’ve already started cruising down on this unkempt highway, so where do you go when you have a bad writing day?

Remember that movie Death Becomes Her? Goldie Hawn’s character experiences a bit of a personal setback. At one point she reels around–hair a horror, resplendent in a pajama top/sweat pant ensemble–and uses two fingers to scoop out vanilla frosting from a can and mash the blob into her mouth. This is a close approximation of what it’s like to have a bad writing day.

I’m currently working on revisions of said book. I used to be a financial journalist, and despite the risk of having the SEC charge me with passing along insider information, I put forth this next tidbit (do with it what you will): In February 2007, affiliates of The Blackstone Group acquired Crunch Holding Corp., parent company of Pinnacle Foods Group Inc. Pinnacle Foods makes…wait for it… all 22 varieties of Duncan Hines frosting.

3 thoughts on “Cleanliness is Not Next to Me

  1. Hmmm, where does one go when they're having a bad writing day? Perhaps we should open a coffee shop or lounge where you can come in your tanks, flip flops and unkept hair anytime of day. Please don't let your fabulous jimmy choos go to waste.

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