Ko’s Koup

Do you see the date?

It’s 2011 and my human hasn’t posted a blog in…well, more months than I’m capable of counting. It’s high time I took matters into my own paws: I hereby rename this cricket-quiet nook of the blogosphere Kona’s Korner!

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t have opposable thumbs; I’m only a pup; I can’t spell. All true. And yet, none of this matters, for I have stories that must be heard. Tales that must be shared. Oooooo…TOY!

But I digress. I’ll save my thoughts about the unfairness of prohibiting me and my four-legged friends from patronizing New York establishments for another post.

Today, I want to talk about snow.

I love snow.

So do my humans.

They recently went to a mountainous place where the snow was so deep they had to attach big popsicle sticks to their boots to slide around. While they were there, I got to stay with my Aunt Ermenia–one of my favorite humans. I’d trade all my toys to spend more time with her–she’s like a puppy in human form! I think I might just log onto Petspedia to book my humans on another vacation.

But first…a nap.