Spring Forward

After a cold snap, spring is making another go of it here in New York.

The season has cleared its throat a few times in recent weeks, but still hasn’t managed to fully find its voice. Although I tend to dedicate this blog to words (most of the time), I thought it might be nice to let some pictures do the talking for once.

All of these snapshots were taken today a handful of blocks around my apartment building. I don’t live near Central Park, but even surrounded by concrete, it’s impossible not to see spring peeking out from the cracks and crevices around you. A burst of bloom here, a growth of greenery there. When those little early season crocuses muscle their way up through a packed bit of dirt beside the street, you can’t help but be reminded that there’s an energy here that’s vibrant, sometimes pugnacious, but quite often, gorgeous.

Soon, the season’s vocal cords will be warmed up and we’ll be treated to a cacophony of color. Until then, enjoy a few brief bars as spring starts humming anew.