It’s Been Ages

Dear Four Blog Readers,

I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long. Sometimes life gets in the way of good writing, or, in the case of this corner of the Internets, passable writing. Anyway, I’ve missed you! Thanks for checking this page, which has remained stubbornly unchanged for much too long.

Things here in New York City are finally starting to feel fall-like, which means it’s time to head out of town to an orchard and pick apples–something I’ll be doing this weekend with a dear friend. I’m just days away from serving apple everything: homemade applesauce, apple crisps, apple in kale salads, apple pureed in soups. We’re also days away from my husband bemoaning the fact that I’ve stuffed our fridge and freezer with apples and apple concoctions. It’s an autumn tradition.

This is also the time of year when I outfit the pup in a variety of vests, coats and various and sundry other items he has no interest in wearing and, I’m sure, is developing a healthy level of resentment toward. Who am I kidding? He loves them!

To wit:







Nothing I write can top the pup in a wizard costume, so I’ll end here. Until next time!

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