So, About That Blog…

Hi! Remember me?

What? You don’t?

Can’t put a face to the name? A url to the site? A reason to point and click to that link? I feel ya, trust me, I feel ya.

But here I am anyway after a long, multi-seasonal hiatus. So what exactly was I doing? Well, my four, dear, faithful blog readers, I helped birth a house, did loads of yoga, got rear ended on the jenkiest highway in New York (yes, Van Wyck Expressway, I’m talking about you), celebrated an iron anniversary, got really, really tipsy (not from booze, but by vertigo), and joyously got to spend the last three months with family and friends at the beach. It’s been a great run filled with so much writing…yeah, productive, crazily fulfilling, all-encompassing writing. Ok, that last sentence is a complete and total lie. Also, I became a social-media hermit.
Hermit, thy name is Monica.


But now it’s back to reality—summer is over, so it’s time to sit down at the keyboard again, get to writing and reconnect with the world (electronically—I’m not about to pick up the phone and actually call anyone…that would be nuts). While I do that, thought I’d leave you with some random pics from the summer:

Me, the pup, and our mess.
Training for the circus. Actually, a nightly bonding ritual between daddy and puppy son.

Same ritual, different angle. Better view of hubba-hubba hubby.

There was a devotion to seasonal produce.

An intense devotion.

I so wasn’t kidding about the devotion part. If you’re taking close-up pictures of asparagus, chances are you have some time on your hands to blog, right? You’d think, but devotion to produce takes up a lot of time. Months, in fact.

A rainbow in Long Beach…and, um, a pole. What can I say? We were rushing to get the shot before the colors faded–photo composition be damned! The rainbow pretty much sums up the summer. Yeah, it’s a corny metaphor, but I’m sticking with it.

Finally, tonight’s sunset. A spectacular way to end a season. Bring on fall!

11 thoughts on “So, About That Blog…

  1. Don't you dare pick up the phone to call me! I won't answer anyway 😉
    So thrilled to see you writing again. Love the devotion. And love the pics! Looking forward to our writing day at the beach in fall!

  2. Welcome back, Monica! So good to see what you've been up to. It's good to get a writing break sometimes and take pictures of asparagus and poles. LOL. But really, I bet you come back fresh to your work this fall. 🙂 Happy writing thoughts!

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