The Resistance

Yesterday, our eloquent, thoughtful and intelligent President exited stage left.

In his place stormed a con man–one who’s a misogynist, a racist and a xenophobe who peddles fear and pushes lies to further himself and his business fortunes. He’s someone who demonstrates zero interest either in learning or in intelligence. He’s a puppet of an unfriendly foreign power. By every indication, he appears unstable and authoritarian. His taking the oath of office has denigrated the sanctity of the highest office in the land.

But by this point, we know all this. What we don’t know is what’s to come. And that is where the real fear starts to set in, which is why women are marching today. Why men and children are marching alongside them. Because it needs to be made clear to the people in power–particularly the feckless Republicans who are propping up this dangerous emperor without clothes, and who will be facing re-election at some point–that we will not stand for our civil liberties to be trampled. We will not stand for a leader’s racist and xenophobic talk or actions. We will not stand by and allow our press to be muted. We will not stand by and allow American citizens or those who hope to be American citizens to cower in fear. We will not stand by while equal rights are turned back. Freedoms are at stake here. Freedoms inherent to all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.

And so, instead of standing by, today there are marches, beautiful marches. Not everyone who supports the marchers will be taking to the streets. Some, like myself, will be making our voices heard in another way: We’ll be writing, and donating to important causes that are needed now more than ever: the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List, among others.

And so, in the spirit of today’s marches that are happening all over the world, in the spirit of resisting the fickle, dangerous whims of an authoritarian demagogue, I say this:

We Resist.

One thought on “The Resistance

  1. I couldn’t have said it better. This narcissistic liar is dangerous. The “undereducated” he said he loved in the very beginning of his campaign and who put him in office should educate themselves to the risk to democracy of an ignorant egomaniac in the highest office in the United States. What will the educated Republicans in Congress do now? Will they continue to refuse to bring bills to the floor, to debate issues, to fill judgeships…i.e. TO GOVERN…as they refused to govern for the last 8 years??? Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the other Republicans who stonewalled all attempts to help the American people for the last 8 years created this monster. Now let’s see how they manage him to safeguard our democracy. The Republicans in Congress put party above country for 8 years. THAT MUST STOP NOW!

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