Baking Cookies So You Don’t Have To

It’s snowing again in New York City. You know, March and all. And since I finished my wording early today, I figured the weather offered the perfect excuse opportunity to make this cookie recipe I’ve been itching to try.

And then I got to thinking: This blog has felt grim lately. I mean, with everything going on, you get why. But today, my dear 4 readers, we’re shaking things up at ye ol’ blog! Today, we bake! And post pictures of said baking! Along with pictures of the pup! (Because there must always be pictures of the pup.)

It should be said that I’d envisioned posting an elaborate Instagram story chronicling today’s kitchen adventure. But…and here I hang my head in shame…I lit-rally couldn’t figure out how to do it. I got how to make all the little clips, but what social media wizardry is required to link it all up into a grand story that will disappear after 24 hours? I mean, does this require the same level of expertise as working the army of remote controls in my living room? Because, honestly, that’s beyond me. I’m pretty sure my youngest niece, who’s 11, could summon this Instagram story magic. Pretty sure my honorary niece Miss M, who’s even younger, could as well. But I digress.

Without further ado, here it is: A story for all the technically challenged amongst us. And it will stay up longer than 24 hours (suck it, Instagram!) I give you… Cookie-making in pictures!

You’ll see there are no words sullying this gorgeous photo of raw cookie dough and chopped chocolate. I have standards, after all.


The pup, storm-chasing.
By my calculations (and I’m pretty sure I’ve done the math correctly here), one sheet pan = one serving size.
I know…I know.
Quality control…it’s a thing. Okay, admittedly, this picture isn’t my best. But, the cookie tasted amazing. Or wait…did it really? I should try more throughout the evening to be sure. Maybe have one (3) with vanilla ice cream. I don’t know, just spitballin’ here. Trust that I’m on the case.


7 thoughts on “Baking Cookies So You Don’t Have To

  1. Awesome! This makes me feel like I was standing right there with you making those mounds of happiness. Great job.
    Love the pup pic.Miss you!

  2. I think we both know that metrosexual Husband won’t appreciate these cookies as much as I would. Personally I’d put three warm cookies on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream, mash it up, and hop on the couch with some Netflix. That’s right, ice cream on the couch!!! (Ask John 😉

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